Overalls & Coveralls

Work Coveralls & Overalls Designed to Protect You Against Daily Tasks

We stock a wide range of tough, reliable work overalls & coveralls for men and women, perfect for professional use. With a whole host of handy features, such as adjustable pockets and action backs, our range is comfortable, tough and offers maximum versatility. We've thought of everything - even adding handy pen divisions to the pockets, making it easy for you to keep the tools of the trade within reach at all times. 

What is the purpose of overalls?

Their purpose is to protect you and your clothing from spills, splashes and dirt. Making these ideal for mechanics. Some of our work overalls are manufactured with reflective tape to increase visibility in lower lighting and on darker days, perfect for railway and construction workers. 

What is the difference between coveralls and overalls?

The level of protection is the biggest difference between the two. In the UK, coveralls tend to be heavier duty, in some cases sporting flame retardant fabric, for this reason they are popular with engineers, welders, and factory workers. Overalls are more commonly worn by painters, carpenters and other tradesmen as they encompass a lower level of protection.

How do you know what size to get?

We understand the importance of comfort when working on physical tasks. We’ve made sure that we offer a generous range of sizing options in all our workwear, as well as a choice of fits such as regular or tall. Our handy size guide provides further information on sizing if you need any help before making your selection. Guaranteeing you find the perfect fit for yourself or any employees. 

What are they made of?

They're predominantly made from a concoction of polyester and cotton. Reason for this is because the mixture is stronger than just cotton whilst still remaining soft for optimum comfort and wrinkle free.

We also offer designs featuring reflective tape, perfect for anyone who will be working outdoors, on or near roads, or in poorly lit environments. And other designs include flame retardant properties to offer protection to the wearer against exposure to heat and flames.

Whether you are looking for something basic with regular pockets, or you require a little more versatility in the form of additional pockets in which to store accessories and small pieces of equipment, we have met all eventualities.

Available in a variety of shades, making it easy to match company colours and ensuring that all employees are dressed consistently for a professional look. We have designed our garments to withstand industrial washing, so you can be confident that they are both easy to clean and durable.

Browse our women's and men's overalls to find the options that suit your needs and requirements.