Choosing the right work trousers

Choosing the right trousers for work is vital to ensure both comfort and safety during the working day. Everyone knows their own size, but measurements aren’t the whole story. Work trousers come in different cuts and styles, and individuals have different preferences.

Some people like a loose fit, others prefer a more tailored style, or a modern look, such as a bootleg cut, popular in the women’s workwear ranges. Elasticated trousers are great for people who need to move freely. Whatever your choice, you’ll find a number of leg length options are available.

Pockets are a key feature in work trousers, often guiding people’s purchases. To make the right choice, you need to consider your typical working day. First, knee pads or not? Many people are now aware of the damage that can be done to knees over years of kneeling while working, often on concrete floors. Knee pads can make a huge difference and they’re now so popular that many trousers are designed to accommodate them. Some have pockets for kneepads on the inside, but the majority have outside pouches.

Next, pockets for carrying tools. Many builders carry hand tools with them as they work and holster pockets are useful for storing these. Long, thin pockets are ideal for rulers, small spirit levels, and pencils. Mobile phone pockets are a must, and you may want to look for zips or buttons to prevent the phone falling out.

Safety and visibility are important and you may need trousers that have reflective bands, to ensure visibility when working in darkness.

Some of the heavier trousers are designed to stand up to industrial wash processes, and indeed, some heavily soiled items may need industrial laundering to rid them of pollutants or other materials, so remember to check this before you buy.