Chefs Uniforms

As far as patients and residents are concerned chefs are among the unseen heroes of the health and care sectors. Chefs working in hospital and care homes are more likely to be professionally qualified than their hotel or restaurant counterparts. Roles are very demanding too. Food has to be nutritious yet prepared to tight budgets.

Our chefs’ uniforms were devised for the health and care sectors but wouldn’t look out of place in a hotel or restaurant environment. We design and make an extensive range of Chefs Jackets, 5 in total: Unisex Chef's Jacket – White, Chef's Jacket – White, Short Sleeved Chef's Jacket – White, Unisex Chef's Jacket - White with Buttons and the Short Sleeved Chef's Jacket - White with Buttons. Each is available in sizes Small to X-Large and prices start at just £14.99. Each is made from our superior poly cotton blend making them easy to care for and hard wearing.

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Of course a chef’s uniform would not be complete without trousers. We design and manufacture 6 different styles: Unisex Chef's Trouser – Navy, Unisex Chef's Trouser – Black, Ladies Chef's Gingham Trouser - Blue/White, Ladies Chef's Gingham Trouser - Black/White, Chef's Gingham Trouser - Blue/White and Chef's Gingham Trouser - Black/White. Ladies trousers are available in a regular fit, all others in both regular and tall. Swing pockets and a rear patch pocket are standard across our range. Most designs have an elasticated back and belt loops. Ladies chef trousers are available in sizes in 10 to 20, unisex Small to X-Large and men’s in Extra Small to XX-Large. Prices start at just £12.95.

We also sell 5 different hats, with most available in different colours. These include the Peaked Hat with Mesh Snood – Navy, Ladies Bazeley Hat - Royal Blue (also available in white), Peaked Hat with Mesh Snood - Royal Blue (also available in white), Peaked Pork Pie Hat – Navy (also available in Royal Blue or White),  and an Elasticated Skull Cap available in Black, Smokeberry, Royal Blue and White. All hats are available in one size and are made from our own polyester cotton blend. Prices start at just £3.49.

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