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Catering Uniforms

Catering Uniforms

Catering Uniforms

If you work in the catering industry, wearing the right protective clothing is vital to ensure you meet hygiene standards, but it also makes you look professional and equipped for the task in hand.

Our wide range of affordable catering workwear offers you essential protection from top to bottom. Whether you choose headwear to keep your hair out of harm's way, casual tops, coats or jackets to protect your upper half, trousers to cover your legs, all-in-one protective coveralls or ever-useful aprons and tabards, we've got just the right product for you.

The catering workwear we supply comes in an enviable range of styles, colours and sizes, so kitting out your catering team has never been easier. We understand the demands of catering jobs, and to meet these, staff need catering uniforms that are durable and made to last. It's reassuring to know, therefore, that all of our catering workwear items are manufactured from high-quality materials for longevity, and can be repeatedly industrially washed without causing any degradation.

Even within the same category of catering workwear, you can find a good choice of styles and colours to fit in with your requirements, such as your company branding. Our catering uniforms are highly practical and smart and come with a range of handy and stylish features, such as pockets, stud fastenings, side vents and elasticated waistbands.

Made from high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, many of our catering workwear items come with flexible attributes, such as adjustable cuffs. Whether you opt for short-sleeve tops for working in warm environments, or quilted long-sleeve or water resistant jackets for cooler conditions, our catering uniforms are ideal for any working scenario where food and drink features.