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Catering Coats

Catering Coats

Catering Coats

High quality coats for the catering and food trade sector

When you work with food, wearing the right catering coat is vital for complying with health and safety standards. Yet you shouldn't just make do with any old food trade coat. Our high quality catering coats are ideal for any profession in the catering and food trade sector, where our clients demand exceptional standards, a comfortable fit and affordable prices.

Functional catering coats

When you are wearing a catering coat all day long, it needs to be comfortable, lightweight and functional. Our catering coats are made from fabrics that are tough enough to protect, but light enough to afford breathability and comfort. With stud fastenings and adjusters for easy wear, as well as the choice of inside, outside or no pockets, our food trade coats for males and females are incredibly versatile to meet your specific requirements. Choose from a wide range of colours and sizes, to customise your coat to your exact specifications.

Durability guaranteed

Whether you need a low or high risk catering coat, or one with or without a hood, durability will be an essential feature of any coat. Our food trade coats are made from high-grade materials that are designed to withstand repeated industrial washing, so that they remain clean, without appearing faded or discoloured, whilst still offering the highest levels of health and safety protection.

Affordable prices

Food trade coats are an essential part of many catering operations, but when you need to keep costs in check, or you have to buy coats for numerous members of staff, price will, inevitably, become a dominant consideration. Our catering coats not only deliver exceptional quality, but our affordable prices allow you to kit out your entire workforce, no matter what their role or specific food trade coat requirements.

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