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Care Uniforms

Care Uniforms

Care Uniforms

Alsicare supplies care uniforms to care professionals in all sectors. Everyone understands the care sector is growing but is also under some scrutiny.  Care homes, nursing homes, home care agencies and self-employed carers need to maintain inscrutable standards in everything they do.  Whether you run a home based care business or run the UK’s largest agency, care uniforms are one of your ongoing costs where a wise investment can save you a sizable sum over the long term.

Everyone understands care uniforms are an important part of the service equation: whether you’re buying uniforms just for yourself or for 1000 staff, uniforms contribute to client trust. Clients want staff to look professional. Carers want to look smart and be comfortable and management wants to make the best value-for-money investment it can.

But in this sector value for money needs to take account of uniforms withstanding repeated stretching and lifting. So uniforms can’t restrict movement.  Uniforms also have to withstand many, many repeat washings.

So why Alsicare? Alsicare is a division of Alsico. We make and deliver more than 11 million garments each year.  The Alsicare care ranges share the same qualities of design and manufacturing excellence. And because we have experience of designing, manufacturing and delivering large orders we can be trusted to meet the needs of large-scale care employers.

In other words we understand care uniforms don’t just have to look the part. Whether it's dresses or trousers and tunics, all our care garments are made from high performance material that’ll withstand repeated wear and washing. They are practical too. Just look at the detailing on our step in panel dresses: concealed zips, back vents with action pleats, and plenty of pockets.

Are you looking for workwear embriodery? We can help. And, self- employed carers will be pleased to know there is no minimum order!