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Best Work Trousers for Summer

Best Work Trousers for Summer

Best Work Trousers for Summer

The good weather seems to have decided to make an appearance in the UK, whilst for most this is a good thing, it also brings complications for some workers. Amongst discomfort, decreased performance, and in some even heat exhaustion. Workwear uniforms that fail to keep employees cool can spur on a whole host of issues that make the working day more difficult.

However, at Alsico we stock, and manufacture products made from the latest technical and high-quality fabrics that will keep your workforce warm during winter and cool throughout the summer months.

When on the hunt for the best summer work trousers, we have a number of recommendations to bear in mind when browsing:


Cool fabric

Cotton is universally known as the coolest fabric to wear due its excellent absorbent and breathable properties. Ideal for everyday wear, but cotton on its own presents difficulties for the reason that it doesn’t launder as well as alternative fabrics. Therefore, for workwear, a combination of materials such as cotton and polyester allow for the right amount of coolness whilst working without compromising the longevity of the garment.


Good ventilation

Whereas side and back vents can be incorporated into the design of tops to encourage good ventilation, work trousers are limited when it comes to ventilation. Nonetheless, opt for straight leg trousers, loose fitting from the top of the thigh all the way down to the ankle, allowing the air to circulate around the leg and keep them as cool as possible.

Another option is workwear shorts. If straight leg trousers are still causing a significant amount of discomfort, then workwear shorts are a great alternative. Carrying out the same purpose as workwear trousers, to protect against spills, splashes and dirt, as well as being an on-the-go tool holder.


Knee pad pockets

Our work trousers are predominantly worn by tradesmen, mechanics, engineers and those in the distribution industry. With this in mind, efficiency as well as comfort is key, therefore knee pads are a must. Although, these become additional fabric and layers for individuals to wear all day, which is why we’ve designed our Original and Gryzko ranges to have knee pad pockets that have been designed to keep the garments lightweight.


Don’t compromise protection

Whilst removing knee pads or wearing workwear shorts are options, this choice shouldn’t be made if you run the risk of enabling your employees to come into contact with any injuries or transferring dangerous substances onto exposed skin.

If this is the case for your workers, straight leg work trousers have to be worn where shorts are not appropriate, and it needs to be made clear that knee pads can be removed when not in use but have to be taken to every job and used when necessary.


Our top 4 work trousers for summer:

  1.      Alsi Cargo Trouser - £16.95

Generally, the Alsi Cargo Trouser is one of our most popular choice of work trouser amongst Alsico customers, but also throughout the summer in particular. Made from the desired combination of cooling cotton and polyester, our Alsi Cargo Trouser is a straight leg style to enable maximum ventilation when wearing trousers.

Due to their popularity, our Alsi Cargo Trouser are also available in a female fit (£16.95) and with reflective tape (£17.95) for low light working conditions. 

  1.      Alsi Trade Trouser - £23.95

Again, our Alsi Trade Trouser is manufactured using a cotton and polyester mixture to guarantee protection and a cooling environment. These straight legged trousers with knee pad pockets encompass all the above points for the summery workwear trousers that will keep you comfortable. 

  1.      Gryzko Cargo Trouser with Knee Pockets - £21.95

Gryzko Cargo Trouser, designed and manufactured by Alsico, these work trousers are also made from comfortable polyester and cotton. The stand-out feature for these trousers is their versatility; seven pockets to carry tools on the go, six belt loops for added support and additional holsters, and detachable knee pads.

  1.      Gryzko Cargo Short - £20.95

In our Gryzko range, we also have cargo shorts available. Providing the same versatility as the Gryzko Cargo Trouser and produced from the same polyester and cotton concoction but granting optimum ventilation to the wearer due to the short style.


Equipping your workforce with uniforms that offer a comfortable and efficient working environment, yet fully protective, is of the utmost importance. By making this a priority, not only will you be ensuring your company complies to health and safety standards but also improving productivity and performance.

Should you wish to order summer appropriate workwear trousers for your employees, browse our range or call a member of our team on 01772 662500 for further advice and to buy yours today.