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Beauty Salon Uniforms

Beauty Salon Uniforms

Beauty Salon Uniforms

Beauty salon uniforms are an important part of a salon’s branding. Our original black beauty tunic sold like hotcakes. So when you asked us to expand our range of available colours, we did just that. Our beauty tunic is therefore now available in 9 fantastic colours. Which one will you choose?

Competition for beauty salon services is getting tougher all the time. But research shows that customers tend to be loyal once you get them through the door and win them over. Creating a professional impression is down to many factors, not least the salon itself and your branding. Mobile beauticians must consider branding too, and arguably how they present themselves becomes even more important. In all cases, if your salon or personal styling isn’t up to scratch it will make it harder for you to impress customers.  On the other hand, a classy look can justify premium prices.

So our beauty tunic is now available in Brown, Red, Peacock, Pink, Purple, Stone, Smokeberry and Olive in addition to Black.  And of course the colour you choose says quite a bit about your salon and service. Take Purple. It has enduring links with creativity and imagination and is said to promote harmony.  Perfect for a beauty salon. And what about Red? Red has associations with passion, and energy and in many cultures is linked with good luck. But of course there are more subdued colours in the range such as Stone and Brown which are associated with calm and relaxation so there really is something for everyone.

But whatever colour you choose you still get the same high quality design, cut and fabric. All beauty tunics are made in a 67% polyester and 33% cotton fabric. It’s light and soft on the skin. All colours are available in sizes 8 to 28, and the style and proportions flatter any figure.

Design details include short sleeves and a 2 piece wrap over front, with button fastening to the left. It also has 2 external hip pockets, and back vents with action pleats. The length is 79cm. We think it’s a winning combination of the stylish and practical. You seem to agree too.

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