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Alsico UK announces new contract to supply uniforms to TUI

Alsico UK announces new contract to supply uniforms to TUI

Alsico UK announces new contract to supply uniforms to TUI

Alsico, the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of clothing for people at work, has been awarded a three-year multimillion-pound contract to supply resort uniforms to all employees of travel giant TUI.

Completing the first phase of the project – its first in the tourism industry – this month, Alsico will provide uniforms to an initial 6,000 TUI representatives stationed in more than 150 holiday destinations across the world. With end user experience and globally-accessible, around the clock support being two of the key criteria of the project, Alsico has invested significantly in an innovative digital platform to fulfil the venture.

Cutting-edge smart sizing technology requires TUI employees to simply input their measurements to an online system, before an algorithm recommends the correct size of garment. Each user’s individual measurements are then saved to the portal and applied when they request new items of uniform, meaning the most comfortable fit is achieved for every available style.

Providing each TUI representative with access to assistance whenever they choose to make their order, no matter where they are in the world, Alsico has introduced a chat system to its new digital platform. Already demonstrating significant time savings in the wardrobe ordering process, Alsico intends to white label the software for existing and future customers to improve end user experience and efficiency across the board.

Commenting on the project, Daren Turner, operations director at Alsico, said: “By combining our decades of industry expertise with this significant investment into our customer service delivery, we have been able to develop an offering that not only meets the requirements detailed to us by TUI at the tendering phase, but will enable us to take on orders of global scale, well into the future.  

"It is testament to everyone’s hard work and dedication to end user satisfaction that we have forged a relationship with TUI. Having successfully delivered phase one of the project, we are looking forward to moving forwards in partnership with TUI for many years to come."

Dora Papp, Supply & Corporate Travel Manager at TUI, added: “TUI´s future strategy focusses on digital acceleration and working to support the creation of a digital culture. The chat box feature in the uniform portal has been a fantastic addition to the website, with over 1,000 chats taking place in the first couple of weeks and the digital ‘What´s My Size?’ guideline has also been received very positively amongst our colleagues too.”

Alsico has 22 manufacturing plants across 11 countries, all of which are managed by the company. Its workforce of over 8,000 employees worldwide supplies 18 million garments annually. The UK arm of the business has also recently invested in a new production line and courier portal, enabling it to efficiently deliver increasing volumes of products for its client portfolio.

Speaking of the relationship with TUI, Charlotte Clarke, commercial director at Alsico, said: “We are excited to be working with TUI in what we hope will be a long-standing relationship. In this first venture into the travel and tourism industry, Alsico has essentially had to take a step back, using fresh eyes and new ideas to consider how we can make our customer service delivery model work on a global scale.

“We pride ourselves on taking a customer’s specific challenge, then adapting what we do to turn the issue into a solution. We are confident that the approach we have taken with TUI will continue to streamline our current operations for both existing and new customers, and creates yet another point of difference in the Alsico offering.”