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Alsico source responsibly with Sedex

Alsico source responsibly with Sedex

Alsico source responsibly with Sedex

Happy New Year to you all! We’ve got some exciting news to share... What better way to kick start 2023 than a fantastic new membership with Sedex, the world leading organisation committed to social and environmental sustainability.

As you know Alsico have been on a journey to operate a more sustainably focused business model, and have been investing a lot of energy into developing research to fine tune the manufacturing processes and innovate our fabrics to be kinder to the planet. Our efforts have been all encompassing and we have been reviewing all areas of the business. Here at Alsico, we are dedicated to being a more responsible business all round, and by partnering with Sedex we hope to elevate our plans to the next level by managing our operations and supply chain more strategically in line with a more sustainable mission.

As a Sedex member, we are able to map our supply chain, identify higher risk suppliers and request them to have a social ethical audit. We can then work with our suppliers to improve their business practices to create safe working conditions in regions that we source. So in theory, the benefits of our membership with Sedex helps to support other businesses too, and support change for the better across our entire industry.

Jon Hancock, CEO of Sedex commented, “Sedex is delighted to welcome Alsico as a member. We welcome their commitment to responsible business, and look forward to supporting them to achieve their social and environmental sustainability goals.” 

Sedex’s technology and services help us source more responsibly. The platform and solutions that they provide gives us the practical tools, data analysis and business insights needed to operate ethically, source sustainably, and work with suppliers to protect both people and the environment they live in.  


Louise Fallows, Alsico’s Business Compliance Manager says, 'Joining SEDEX was the next logical step to our progressive approach to environmental and social governance. Identifying key labour, human rights, governance and environmental risks across our business and supply chain is fundamental to our sustainability strategy. It will support and enable our core vision of "Making life better for people at work."'

We are so proud to be members of Sedex, and look forward to working towards a more sustainable future with our new trusted partner. If you’d like to learn more about Sedex and how they can support businesses to source ethically, then follow their website for more information


Learn more about Alsico’s sustainability workwear initiatives here. If you are considering Alsico as your new workwear supplier, or currently work with us and have any questions regarding our efforts to be more ethical and sustainable, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call us on +44 (0) 1772 662500 or email sales@alsico.co.uk.