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Alsicare Gets the Thumbs Up From Customers

Alsicare Gets the Thumbs Up From Customers

Alsicare Gets the Thumbs Up From Customers

When we launched Alsicare our intention was to bring new levels of design and service to the healthcare workwear market.  With experience in other sectors and control over design and manufacture we thought it was potentially a winning combination. But the question always remains what do customers think? That, after all, is what counts.

Our commitment to customer service means we ask every customer for feedback. A few months down the line, we’re delighted to be getting the thumbs up from customers, large and small.

Starting Alsicare involved making commitments about product quality and service. One area we really wanted to focus on was speed of delivery.  We appreciate delays cause problems. One mistake can mean losing a customer’s confidence and you don’t always get a second chance. That’s why we think it’s important to have complete control over the manufacturing process. So how are we doing?

We’re as proud as punch to say customers’ feedback is telling us our service is quick, fast or more speedy than other suppliers! So whether you’re ordering 1 uniform or 100 or 10,000 you can have confidence we’ll deliver against agreed dates.

Another area we’ve focused on is our ordering process.  It’s designed to make ordering simple and quick with help and support available in several forms, including a Help Desk. But what do customers think? We can report back our customers say ordering is easy.  For example, we surprised (and delighted) a customer who was ordering online with a phone call explaining why they were experiencing a problem.  Our question is: Do you experience this level of service with your current supplier?

And what about the quality of uniforms? It’s hard to describe but you know quality when you see and feel it. Our customers certainly do when they say our uniforms are ‘great quality’.

At the end of the day it’s not what we say, it’s what our customers say that matters. A good supplier relationship comes down to trust.  Knowing delivery is reliable, ordering is easy and the quality of fabrics is up to the job inspires confidence.  Which are just some of the reasons our customers are recommending us to other healthcare workwear buyers.