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A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You

As we near the end of 2017 and look forward to maintaining our high standards and serving our clients in 2018, it seems an opportune moment to thank Alsico’s existing customers for making the last 12 months so successful.

Without your business, however big or small your orders may have been, we would not be forging forward still in the position of being one of Europe’s largest workwear suppliers, renowned for our commitment to quality and impeccable customer service.

The last year has seen our 70,000 sq ft warehouse in Preston despatch more than 3.5 million garments into the UK market - an impressive rate that will continue into 2018 and beyond. Despite this mammoth operation, we are filled with both Christmas and all-season cheer at the thought that we still manage to offer the finest quality, high-performance garments and innovative supply solutions to ensure that our customers are happy well into the new year - every year!

Next year, we will continue to impress customers old and new with our ability to manufacture market-leading bespoke products and we will also be increasing our stock range which will be available for immediate dispatch.

In Britain, vast numbers of satisfied customers have enjoyed and appreciated our garments over the last year, from the benchmark Alsico items to protective-wear and catering uniforms. Further afield, we are hugely proud to have an even wider selection of happy customers who make the most of the products and services offered by the wider Alsico Group family, which is one of the continent’s biggest work clothing producers, with the ability to deliver more than 15 million garments to our customers every single year.

This combination of global reach and local service capabilities means that 2018 will see us maintaining our position as top suppliers of workwear clothing with the ability to tailor-make our products and services to meet the need of some of the most important people in our business - our customers.